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our story

There was a morning which brings the co-founders to meet at Phandeeyar, Yangon, Myanmar, and happened them to found a team. With all the efforts and hard works after 9 days of startup challenge 2017 competition, Tun Yat won the first prize in ag-tech sector. The competition ends. What doesn’t end is Tun Yat’s passion to help the farmers to increase their income and raise their living standard with mechanization.

With deep market research, Tun Yat knows that agriculture machines utilization in Myanmar is not efficient. The machine owners suffer. The machine operators suffer. And so are the farmers. So, the time comes for Tun Yat to set big commitment to the farmers. Now you are wondering like “What is that commitment,’’ isn’t it? That is...’’ Connecting a million small-holder farmers with dealers in Myanmar, using ag-tech, to create prosperity for all.’’

Our goal is to facilitate the first million small and marginal farmers in myanmar who have doubled their net farm income through their engagement with our platform.

our impact

Our LOGIC impact framework focuses on measuring our impact looking at income increases for small and medium-size farmers. This includes outputs like time savings in harvesting, yield wasteage reductions and how farmers use less resources through a mechanisation service.

The following snapshot captures some of our growing impact, as of December 2017


At the macro-level, following our goal of creating prosperity for all, we are structuring our company aspirational equity model where our farmers can earn future shares or profits, in the form of a socio-economic developmentprogram where profits or a dividend from our company is re-invested back in the customers we work with.

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