We believe that mechanisation will increase farm productivity and income levels for small-holder farmers, allowing cheaper access to modern technology who those who cannot afford to buy expensive machinery. Our value to you is as follows:

What Tun Yat gives you?

Provider that you can trust.

Pay per use superior service.

Save Yield with quality machines

Hassle free orders with a team that you can rely on.
What Value Tun Yat creates?

A Standardlized service across a fragmented market.

On-demand platform connecting farmers and machine renters

Leveraging mechanization and technology to grow cross the region.
Benefits for machine dealers and machine owners

Additional incomes: Hire machines where it is needed, and increase your side incomes.

Trusted contacts: Save time finding trusted contacts, so you don’t have to worry about where you can earn rental fees for machines.

Discounts: For your loyalty, discounts on fuel and transportation of machines via boat/barge and truck is the reward.

Data Tracking: A new service to track the movement of your machine, sharing data and repair/servicing reports in a faster manner, so you don’t need to physically be there with your machine.
Benefits for farmers and machinery brokers

Higher Yield Savings: With our efficient machinery, your paddy will get harvested faster. And you will save 2-3 days in harvesting time and yield wastage.

Lower Deposits on Machines: You will get a lower deposit for your first order.

Goodbye to difficulties in sourcing: Because we help you to find nearby, reliable or higher-quality farming machinery, the renting process will be 10x times easier for you.

Gain patient and skillful machine operators: We carefully select higher skilled machine drivers, technicians and operators. This will lower repair risks and reduces wasted time spent on repairs and servicing.
With Tun Yat, everyone can be prosperous!

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